"New School" Fangs (3D Printed)

New School (3D Printed) Fangs

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It is important to note that our 3D fangs can not be done in person. Please order online and choose your preferred method of mold.

Father Sebastiaan, the world’s most famous fangsmith has had over two decades of experience making custom-made prosthetic fangs for those who live the vampire lifestyle.  He has developed the world's first custom-made 3D printed fangs from scans of his actual work in partnership with a licensed dental lab in Los Angeles.

About the 3d Fangs:

Fangs color match your teeth.

They are custom fitted that in most cases there is no need for glues   or adhesives.

They will last 2-3 years with good care, longer if you are careful.

Not wise to sleep or eat with them.

OK for smoking, drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, absinthe and kissing.

Made from high-quality dental acrylics.

25 years of fang making experience and thousands of satisfied customers.

Great for singing or performers.

Feel like your real teeth when being worn.